Best Magnetic Eyelashes Reviews

Best Magnetic Eyelashes Reviews

Magnetic Eyelashes: Aside from the fact that they’re messy, difficult to apply, and even harder to remove without also ripping off your real lashes along with them, adhesive false eyelashes are great! (Is my sarcasm showing?) But what if I told you there was a way to get the long, fluffy lashes of your dreams for less money than eyelash extensions and without all the sticky, tricky application? Enter: Magnetic lashes.

Just pop ’em on whenever you want a little extra lash, simple as that. But are they safe? And if so, which ones should you use? We talked to Ilyse Haberman, MD, an ophthalmologist at NYU Langone Health, to figure out the answers to all your questions about magnetic eyelashes.

Magnetic Eyelashes
Magnetic Eyelashes

If you love false lashes but hate wrangling with lash glue, magnetic lashes are the way to go. As the name suggests, magnetic lashes skip the adhesive entirely by using tiny magnets to attach to the lashline. Nailing the application takes some practice but the benefits are worth it—less mess and long-lasting hold, just to name a few.

Magnetic Eyelashes Reviews

Application: As we said before, applying magnetic lashes is not easy. It took both our testers, even the professional, a while to get the hang of it. There was not much range in difficulty of application, as all of our finalists proved equally difficult to get the hang of. However, one of our testers noted that the One Two Lash – Founder’s Lash and 3 Second Lash – Magnetic Eyelashes were a bit easier to apply because they only had one magnet per strip.

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Material: Most of the lashes we tested were made of synthetic fibers. Our testers had problems with the unnatural, plastic shininess of 3 Second Lash – Magnetic Eyelashes, AsaVea – Magnetic Eyelashes and VASSOUL – 3D Magnetic Eyelashes. In particular, one of our testers said that 3 Second Lash’s product looked “like lashes for a Halloween costume.”

However, our testers were fine with the way the lashes of the Eylure – Opulent Corner and One Two Lash – Founder’s Lash sets looked, even though these were also made of synthetic fibers.

Best Magnetic Eyelashes

1. One Two Lash: One Two Lash’s founder, Katy Stoka, has the distinction of being the first person to create magnetic eyelashes. Her invention was named a “Breath-through Innovative Beauty Product” by Allure in 2016. One Two Lash lashes are lightweight, reusable and can be worn without or without mascara. If you’re not sure if you’ll like magnetic eyelashes, these come with a useful 30-day money-back guarantee.

2. KISS Magnetic Lash: They are lightweight and pre-curved for easy application. Notably, KISS Magnetic Lashes come with a patent-pending “EZ Load Rotating Lash Applicator” that holds the lashes in place as you apply them to your eye.

Where to Buy Magnetic Eyelashes

You can pick up Ardell’s magnetic eyelashes at stores like Target, Walmart, and other stores. One Two Cosmetics’ eyelashes are available at HSN.

How Do Magnetic Eyelashes Work

1. Don’t pull them off. Slide the magnets apart.
I actually didn’t realize this until after I pulled the magnetic strips off in Vegas and took some of my real lashes along with them.

2. Put on the top lashes first.
Balancing the top half of the magnetic extensions on top of my natural lashes made applying them MUCH easier than sliding the bottoms underneath my natural lashes and then trying to apply the tops without dropping the bottoms.

How Do Magnetic Eyelashes Work
How Do Magnetic Eyelashes Work

3. Wear a thick black liner to help the magnetic eyelashes blend into your lash line.
This is just a good idea if you’re wearing any type of lash extensions. To make the shiny black magnets blend in, even more, swipe some black matte liner on top. Permanent marker might help too.

4. Put your mascara on before your lashes.
That way, you can avoid getting mascara on the extensions, thus extending their life. Unlike traditional strips, magnetic eyelashes can be reused over and over again, but only if you keep them makeup-free.

How To Put On Magnetic Eyelashes

If there’s one product in our beauty bags that we have a love-hate relationship with, it’s false eyelashes. While they make for a stunning and dramatic look that we could never achieve with our drugstore mascara alone, they’re pretty much guaranteed to leave us picking glue off of our eyelids before the night is even over—not cute.

The directions for most magnetic lashes are simple enough. A set comes with a top and bottom lash for each eye. To apply magnetic lashes, take the top lash and line it up with your natural lash line, gently pressing it into place. With your eye open, take the bottom lash (which will usually be marked by a dot or other indicator) and line it up underneath the top magnetic lash along your lash line. When both lashes are lined up, the magnets will lock together.

Also, they’re just plain hard to apply. Enter: magnetic lashes—the simpler, mess-free, longer-lasting, reusable alternative to traditional falsies. For each eye, two strips are sandwiched around your real lashes and snap together with virtually invisible magnets. It may take a few minutes to get the hang of it, but many sets come with magnetic tweezers that make application a breeze.

(We suggest applying a thin layer of mascara first, so they’ll blend in better with your natural lashes.) If you’re looking to try out this revolutionary beauty invention, look no further than the list below. We’ve used our unique algorithm factoring in editorial selections, beauty blogger favorites, and social buzz to round up the 10 best magnetic lash sets on the market.

Are magnetic eyelashes dangerous?

Although magnetic lashes are pretty safe to use, there are few things you should do to care for your magnetic lashes and your eye health. … In addition, after using magnetic lashes, you can gently wipe them down with a damp cotton ball to remove any mascara/eye makeup residue before wearing it again.

How do magnetic lashes work?

How Magnetic Eyelashes Work. Once only adhered to your natural lash with adhesive glue, magnetic eyelashes secure to each other, and your lash line, with tiny magnets. … Basically, you are sandwiching your natural eyelashes between two strips held together with magnetic force.

Which magnetic eyelashes are the best?

Here, we rounded up the best magnetic lashes, from high-end picks to drugstore favorites.

  • Best Overall: Ardell Magnetic Lash Accent
  • Best Budget: Arvesa Magnetic Eyelashes.
  • Best Accent: Sephora Collection One Two Lash Magnetic Lashes in Accent.
  • Best Natural Look: Lash’d Up Magnetic Lashes.

Are magnetic eyelashes easy to apply?

How to Apply Magnetic Lashes. Let’s be real: Applying fake lashes is no easy feat. Between the messy glue and the dexterity required to find the perfect placement, it can feel near impossible to do it the right way. And that’s not even to mention the annoyance of trying to peel them off at the end of the night.

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