Different Kinds of Tattoo Scripts: Calligraphy, Fonts, and Trends

A lettering tattoo, commonly referred to as a script tattoo, showcases textual designs in various typographies. These tattoos often feature:

  • Brief quotes or sayings
  • Personal names
  • Significant dates
  • Words with profound significance

Script tattoos offer a distinct and personal touch, with a durability surpassing that of temporary inks.

For tattoo designs, several font styles are favored, such as Cursive, Sans serif, Gothic, Graffiti, and Ornamental.

For readability and longevity, a minimum font height of half an inch is recommended for tattoos, as smaller text might fade or lose clarity over time.

Before deciding on a particular script, you should know the other types of writing used for tattoos. These include Old English, Gothic, Victoriandeco, and Monoline scripts. First, look at some of the most popular types of hands and determine which one will be best for your tattoo. After choosing from the tattoo font styles you want, your artist will need to ensure that the tattoo matches the rest of the design.

Old English Script Writing

If you’re looking for an alternative tattoo style that is both traditional and ornate, look no further than Old English script writing. This writing style was initially inspired by traditional tattoos, with its distinctive hand-lettering style. Old English tattoo font styles feature upper and lowercase letters, Old English numbers, and bonus borders. You can choose how to draw tattoo script based on any size and style, including varying line thicknesses. Old-English tattoo font styles are ideal for tattoos of names and personal messages.

While some people prefer Old English script writing for tattoos, this style isn’t suitable for every body part. The script itself is highly versatile, and the most common type of Old English script writing is called textualism, which is the most calligraphic style. It is also heavily ornated and stands out on the body. Many people choose tattoos with important names or quotes in this style. You can find a range of Old English fonts online, but if you’re looking for something unique, you can consider Old English script writing for tattoos.

Modern Monoline Script

If you’re looking for a monoline tattoo script font that will suit your needs, you’ve come to the right place. Many monoline scripts are available, and each one offers different characteristics. Here are a few examples of monoline script fonts. The PutraCetol Studio typeface adds a retro vibe with various ligatures and alternates. Create a Studio is a great option for vintage projects. Hindia Studio is another option, with three weights and over 400 characters. Finally, Unio is another typeface to try, with multilingual support.

Balham to Brooklyn is a monoline script font that emulates the handwritten letterforms of American pop culture. This script is perfect for simple tattoo designs with smooth lines and minimal glyphs. Roadhouse Blues is inspired by early American styles and incorporates decorative swashes and basic punctuation.

Gothic Script Writing

If you are considering getting a tattoo in the Gothic style, you may want to consider a serif typeface, such as Leander. This typeface is perfect for tattoos with bold designs and is also suitable for writing passages from a book or a song. In addition, its sharp edges and perfect strokes make it ideal for writing horror-themed text. Gothic script writing also looks excellent on tattoos with words, phrases, or numbers.

Another standard font for tattoos is Miami. This style is perfect for tattoos with meaningful quotes or song lyrics. While Miami is more feminine than other scripts, it can also be bold. Miami script is also easy to find if you have a reference photo to show the tattoo artist. This style is best for those who want a unique tattoo that will last many years.

Victoriandeco Script Writing

If you’re considering getting a tattoo with a Victoriandeco style, you should look into using a script font. Victoriandeco style fonts are based on old Western designs and include a modern twist. They have a complete set of letters and numbers and bonus ornamental elements. Victoriandeco is especially easy to use, as it is a popular design style from the Victorian era in British history.

Bodega Script fonts are one example of classic cursive writing. This script font has a regal look that makes it perfect for tattoos and works well with song lyrics or a one-word design. The only downside is that it requires high skill to copy every letter correctly, so this style suits tattoos with smaller, more compact designs. However, if you’re getting a giant tattoo, you might want to stick with a small tattoo with simple letters and symbols instead of large text. Read our article: How to Choose Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Lordish Script Writing

If you’re into medieval and gothic-style tattoo designs, then you’ll love Lordish font. Its solid and emotional characters are perfect for both masculine and female tattoos. Lordish is available in several weights and includes punctuation and international characters. This font looks great in all kinds of colors. The female-oriented Masterblush font is also outstanding, with its calligraphy-style lines and hand-lettered feel.

You can also download the Lordish blackletter font. It includes uppercase and lowercase characters, ligatures, swashes, and multilingual support. This font is suitable for tattoos and business cards and is included in a download file. There are also bonus ornaments, which make this font an excellent choice for greeting and business cards. There are also dozens of other Lordish fonts that you can download.


As we’ve explored the diverse world of tattoo scripts, it’s clear that each style carries its unique charm and history. From the elegant flow of traditional calligraphy to the bold impact of modern typography, tattoo scripts offer a fascinating way to express individuality and personal stories. Whether you’re drawn to the classic allure of Old English fonts or the contemporary appeal of minimalist designs, the art of tattoo script is a testament to the creativity and personal expression found in the world of tattooing. Remember, the choice of script can transform the meaning and impact of your tattoo, making it a deeply personal emblem of your journey and identity.

We hope this guide has inspired you and provided valuable insights into choosing the perfect tattoo script for your next piece of body art.