How to Introduce Your Child to Wearing Glasses Daily

Did you know that more than 50% of adults in the United States wear eyeglasses? It’s actually a percentage that increases with age, as 77.5% of those aged 55 and older wear them. For some people, wearing glasses just helps to sharpen things up and make them a little clearer, whereas others cannot see a thing without them. Adults understand the pros of putting their glasses on, and usually, it’s not seen as a big deal. The same can’t always be said for kids, especially young kids that need to wear glasses.

Wearing Glasses Daily

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If your child has recently learned that he/she needs to be wearing glasses daily and you’re having a hard time getting them to embrace them, here are some tips you can use to make the transition to wearing glasses a lot smoother.

Start by Explaining the Positives in Wearing Glasses

The first thing parents can do is explain to kids why wearing their glasses is so important. How will seeing better make their life easier and more enjoyable? Make sure you explain things in a way they understand and can relate to.

Let Them Take Part in Choosing the Frames

It’s also very important to involve them in the frame selection process. Getting kids to wear glasses requires their support and enthusiasm, so if there is a particular style or color of frames that create that excitement, it will help. Frames will also feel very different as they try them on, so they will recognize which are comfortable and which aren’t.

Discuss the Daily Glasses Routine with Them

Now it’s time to lay out your expectations when it comes to how often they are wearing their glasses. If they need to have them on at all times, then a routine needs to be established. Take them through the steps of their morning routine, for example, including putting on their glasses, and wearing them at school. After school, make sure they know to wear them, and before bed, teach them to give their glasses a little cleaning and store them in a protective case.

Teach Them About How to Care for Their Glasses

Kids will need to learn about proper care of their glasses too. This means how you handle them when putting them on and taking them off, storing them in a protective case, keeping their fingers off the lenses, how to clean the glasses with a soft cleaning cloth, and making sure they know where their glasses are at all times if they take them off (you don’t want them losing or forgetting their glasses somewhere).

Offer Encouragement and Confidence

If you find your child isn’t wearing their glasses as much as they need to be, before you get too frustrated, it’s important to understand why they aren’t wearing them. It could be that they are feeling a little self-conscious. Try and help to boost their confidence, let them know how great their glasses are, how normal it is to wear them, and provide that positive encouragement.

All of these tips will help to make the transition to wearing glasses much smoother and easier on your child.