How To Dress Well: The 5 Rules All Men Should Learn


Today’s generation believes in the “the first impression is the last impression” adage as strongly as they believe in “appearance can be deceptive.”  Putting aside all quotes and beliefs on appearance, getting dressed, and getting dressed well, it’s important for your personal satisfaction.

Personal satisfaction means your contentment with your look. As such, there could be a wide range of dressing rules for men, mostly because they vary from one gentleman to the other. Still, some common rules have been and will always be necessary for men to consider while getting dressed. This article brings you five rules about dressing that men should follow. Read on to find out the secret that will add to the charm of your next perfect look. Also Read – Maia Mitchell: Talent from Down Under


You will only be confident if you like what you wear. Likes and dislikes will differ from one individual to another, and therefore, you need some time to find your style. However, the basic ideas of a good sense of dressing are very obvious. They should include, a good fit, a decent quality, avoidance of extremes, and an overall sober appearance. Given below are some rules that should apply to all men in general.

  1. Suit-up Well

Wearing a suit is one of the most sophisticated ways of getting dressed for men. Men carry the charm of a suit in some of the most important occasions of their life like weddings, engagements, important work meetings, and so on. The key to slaying in a suit lies in its fit—a perfect fit across the shoulders, chest, and waist showcases the most attractive part of this outfit. You can choose from a wide spectrum of colors, but the darker shades always give you a nicer and more solid look. Pick a suit that goes with your watch. As watch adds extra classiness to your decorum. If you are looking for a watch read vincero watch review

  1. Invest time along with money on watches

For men, a watch is one of the essential accessories for any occasion. Your wristwatch says a lot about you starting from your nature to your sense of style. When you are buying a watch, make sure you are investing time in choosing it along with money to get it for you. The watch should fit you and feel comfortable at the same time. It should be versatile enough to go with your formals, casuals, sports, or everyday needs. Also, Read – Brazilian Blowout Kit and Treatment

  1. Wear nice shoes

Wearing nice shoes is essential. It is believed that the first thing people notice about men is the kind of shoes they are wearing. The features that you would look for in shoes would be its color, its pattern and its sole and of course, the comfort. Shoes with good quality, comfort, and nice looks can often be expensive, but they are worth the investment as they last longer.

  1. Do not hesitate to explore the colors

Society has set up specific standards as to what are colors are meant for men. Do not let these standards stop you from exploring colors. You might not prefer a too bright or a too shiny shade of table cloth for your choice of occasions, but grey, blue and black are not the only colors in the visible spectrum.

  1. Accessorize less and accessorize well

Accessories like ties and pocket squares are answers to your pursuit of a perfect look. Pick out the color and pattern of these such that they don’t match and they should more preferably be in a darker shade than your jacket. Apart from these and a watch, try to avoid any other accessory.

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